Jeremy Neumann's Portfolio

JN Design

Jeremy Neumann Graphic Designer in Kansas City. 

Jeremy Neumann's graphic design portfolio. I am currently located in the Kansas City. I am seeking a graphic design position and freelance opportunities. I received an Associate of Arts and Science, Graphic Design from Johnson County Community College in 2010 and have a Bachelor’s in History of Art from the University of Kansas. I look forward to expanding my creative skills. 

Jeremy Neumann 

I am a graphic designer—problem solver. I take parameters, ideas, concepts, and words and create designs that communicate to people. My design role model is Massimo Vignelli. Maps are often confusing and cumbersome, yet Vignelli’s subway map is brilliant and timeless. This kind of smart, intuitive design is what I enjoy doing most.

What I do:

Design is as much about the process as it is the end result. I enjoy the journey that the creative process takes me on. The path to great design usually has many forks. A designer has to consider the audience and the many viewpoints that could be taken. I work in this manner to create the best possible design. 

How I do it:

For me, research is pivotal in the design process. My education and background make me a natural researcher. My art history education taught me to gather information, use high concepts, and consider possibilities. My Graphic Design education taught me to combine my knowledge of art and to utilize technology to execute my creative ideas.

What Are You Waiting For?

Take a look at my work and let’s meet. I know that I can create intuitive, creative, and conversational design work for you.